1. Why in court it is worse than in the mediation
  2. Peaceful future is more important than the past conflict
  3. Traditions of mediation. enforcement action
  4. Lawyer and mediation. advisability
  5. Mediation – is not a panacea
  6. Field of mediation
  7. Mediation relieves courts
  8. Basic mediation techniques
  9. Forecasts for mediation development in Ukraine
  10. Mediation - algebra of conscience and justice
  11. Ukraine and mediation: marriage of convenience or love match?

Regardless of the dynamics, stages, determining factor of developmentof various legal systems, they all converge in that approach from the perspective of law in resolving disputes and conflicts in the courts, is needed in society and can be effective, especially if the case clearly falls under legal standards.

However, the common position also lies in the fact that the imperfection of the laws, the inability to envisagein them the specificity and complexity of the situation, sometimes their lag behind actual practice, courts overload, duration, and often high cost of litigation, the possibility of judicial error, the difficulties of enforcement of court decisions indicate the certain limitation of this approach.

The truth is that in view of the shortcomings of the state judicial system, judicial decision sometimes provokes an escalation of the conflict, not its solution.